Monday, October 24, 2016

2 months to Christmas eve

Today it is exactly two months before Christmas. I used to be like "The Gringe" not a great fan of Christmas. But now I like the run up for Christmas and all the traditions so much that I am even looking forward already in October. Here is some small Christmas illustration I made last year. 


Mammas creative helper

In my sketchbook I started an illustration on the theme Mila loves horses. I know I am really bad in drawing horses in general and in drawing horses legs in particular. And so Mila gave me a helping hand and finished my drawing. Great cooperation,  right :) 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Last weekend & autumn start

What happened already October!! Autumn is here, Yes I love this season but it kind of hit me the darkness.. "It is still night!!" Mila says when I wake her up the days we need to go to work and daycare. although we don't get up crazy early. It is split feeling this going towards darker and colder times. I love it and hate it at the same time.
Last weekend I felt very tired and as I was getting a new cold before recovering from the last one. It doesn't happen very often but I had a Sunday when everything felt horrid everything I normally like feels stupid and boring . I hate these kind of days, but I guess we all have them and need them and that I am lucky who gets one only here and there. I went to bed early and woke up like myself positive and fresh again.

Pictures from my weekend
I have strict sofa rules.. No eating and absolutley NO animals in the sofa !!!! But somedays my rules are override BIG time!!

Sunday breakfast with candles welcoming the darker times 

When I was a kid I had a thing for dog food. I used to sneak out in our dog room and eat dog food in all forms. Hard crunchy pieces, soft treats, soaked dog food, dog chocolate in all brands. I still remember how it tasted. Filip is following in my footsteps. He insists ( read breaks down if he is not allowed) to feed Bozze so he can do a taster of Bozze's delicious food...

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Daycare introduction no walk in the park

Kids started kindergarten 18 August.... My dad spend first THREE weeks being with them as an introduction. They refused to leave his side and if the teacher hadn't told us that we have to try to leave them there by themselves a little I think he would still spend his days at kids daycare with them ( very carrying granddad indeed)  First weeks (!) I had to pull myself free from screaming and crying kids to get to work. It broke my heart over and over. But worst to come... After this phase came the silent big crocodile tears. Horrible and even more heart breaking. These tears was accompanied with Mila begging me not to leave her and saying "but I love you and I want to be with you" " I miss you sooooo much" "Why do you have to leave me?" "Who will take care of me?" "I also want to be a grown-up so I can come with you to your job" These begging and her being very nervous for being left at kindergarten was more then heart breaking if that is possible. We were thinking this will never get better she will never want to go there.
During our vacation in Spain she started to play daycare and saying that she was missing her best friend there. And so came the day, TODAY, when she didn't complain going to daycare!!! She only got a little glace in her eyes as I said bye bye but when her little friend came running to help her off with her shoes I was already forgotten. So grateful for this development. People keep saying that it has been extra hard doing the daycare introduction at almost 4 years old ( in all well meaning) and of course that is very true she knows what she wants, can express herself and have more develop emotions. I agree it is harder but not for a second do I regret that I had the chance to be fulfilled and happy being home with her. She is now ready to be a little more independent and try new things without me.
What about Filip. Filip is only 1 year and 4 months and I think it is early for him to start daycare. Although he is a different character and also as he is born here in Sweden where we have family around he is also more use to having more people taking care of him since he is born. In Prague we had great friends but not same close connection with family around all the time as we have had with Filip. He has been hanging with granddad and uncle Christer since he is born. My feeling is that he can handle daycare. Also I am only working three days a week and get help to pick up so not even long days. Filip cried today when I handed him over but before I even went through the door I could hear him asking Mike (the teacher)  for different things. And my uncle Christer picked them up after lunch and Filip's nap.

Fingers crossed now that we are on the other-side of daycare introduction !!!

Monday, September 26, 2016


So much fun this horse of ours.. First couple of weeks tense like a ticking bomb and of course with our collected experience from the professional and international circuit we are being careful and taking things steady. Add that we are older, wiser and with two kids each. We are not only careful but maybe even chicken at the moment before we know our lady. AND that is totally ok. I am impressed this week I feel more secure on her and she gives such great great feeling. She moves great and are very balanced although green, weak and will take  a lot of training to build up muscles and endurance. Only in a couple of weeks she has learned a lot a really gives a good feeling. Yesterday I made a few jumps with her and she really jumps. Yes I am already in love with this mare

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Great time in Spain

We headed to Spain last week. Family collected in a warm sunny place what could be better? Flight down went well even though we had to get up at 3 and be at the airport by 4. Nice warm weather met us and we were all very excited to have time off together and to enjoy the sun and mormor's pool. Such luxury to be able to borrow my mother's and Göran's very nice house in Puerto Banus costa del sol. Going away but still feeling a little home or at least familiar and have every day things to do such as laundry, cleaning and feeding the cat ( I know sounds crazy that I like washing and cleaning on vacation but I do) Loren also loves supermarkets and cooking so great combination of vacation but business as usually kind of. Don't get me wrong we also enjoy being lazy drinking beer by the pool or eating avocado and prawns in the harbor.

Even though it is only our second time here we already feel like we know what we are doing and know our ways around. One day we did a long walk to check out the neighborhood and found great parks and local bar with local people. Otherwise our set up was looooong breakfast, swimming in the pool, Loren walking with Filip for nap time while me and Mila was drawing, lunch and afternoon going in to Puerto Banus for some shopping, hanging by the beach and eating.  

Filip since he is born is very much pappa pappa pappa's boy. First and more or less only word is pappa.. I try and try to repeat mamma as often as I can but he keeps looking at me saying PAPPA 
And at the moment it is only pappa who is good enough for everything. I am worth nothing and he screams like I am trying to kill him if I only ask if he wants to come to me.... Poor mamma

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Horse owner again

Yes it is sort of life changing this with me starting working again. It feels good that I started on a nice level with 3 days a week even though these days are very intense. New carrier path as a teacher is no walking in the park, but I like challenges and to learn new things so I guess this is just what I needed. I am trying to stick to my mantra to do things good enough. That doesn't mean that I don't care or that I am doing things bad it just simply means to do things good enough and not to stress over things or striving to be perfect. Already now I have problems not to over work or over think things but hey it is hard to teach an old dog to sit.
Kids and their granddad has been at daycare introduction for 3 weeks but I will write more about that in other post.

Last week not only did we buy a new car we ( read me) bought a horse. Yes it is true I BOUGHT A HORSE. I am sharing it with a friend with great knowledge about horses and who also have worked professional with horses on high level. We have been talking about it, that it would be a cool idea to share a horse as we both has small children and don't want a or can manage a horse full-time. And we are both doers and not only talkers so from out of the blue a very sweet mare turned up and we fell in love. She moves like a queen and has a lot of potential but also a lot of work as she has only been ridden three years. She past the vet check mo problem last Monday and came with us home. Very exciting and unreal. Not that I don't have enough to do with 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat, big house, big garden and new job.. But horses is not only pretty time consuming but also gives me energy and the best way to exercise.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Back to school

So my new carrier and job path has started. I am back at school and still very excited after my first week. Great introduction days. Tired and little stressed to get all planning done before the students starts. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sketchbook Journal " Lets go swimming in Tolstoy park"

This is a couple of illustrations from my sketchbook journal I made while we were in Moscow from our local park Tolstoy Park in Khimki. The park is great and has all sorts of fun entertainment for kids and adults. Playground, mini zoo, carousels, dance stage, restaurants, cafés, selling corn on the cob in every corner and a sandy beach. Team Nikolovski headed there on a very warm July day. It was very warm and sticky. Me and Mila went for a walk while we left Loren and Filip in the playground. Our plan was to check the beach out. Both me and Mila got super excited that people were in the water so we run back to tell the rest of the team to hurry up and lets go in the water a bit. I was like "we are going to beach hurry up and bring the swim-wear" and Loren replied "Are you insane!!! Who would consider going in the water in a river in MOSCOW??" and I was like "yeah but there is lots of people in the water..." and Loren started to wave hands and speak very loud the balkan way "ARE YOU CRAZY!!! OF COURSE IT IS DIRTY AND IT IS EVEN SAYING ON THIS BIG BOARD STAY OUT OF WATER etc etc etc" Yeah you can understand how stupid I felt of course I understand that brownish river water in Moscow is not for swimming but I was warm and just kind of lost my mind for a second and in that moment promised Mila a swim in there. I had to calm upset Mila down and offer her to go and pat the rabbits and camels in the mini zoo instead. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Prague map

While I was going throw my Moscow studio and arranging for moving everything end of the summer I found this map of Prague which I started but never finished when we moved from there. It was indeed a very emotional move leaving a place that we all loved and with great friends around us to the unknown life of Moscow. This map illustration I was planning to have on the wall as a memory of Prague and our cool group of friends. But because of all the emotions I think I never managed to get it done back then. It is on A3 so pretty big and I will try to get it finished and framed when it will get here in Sweden.

Sketchbook journal "Where did the summer go?"

Not that I am extra keen on super hot summer weather or that I am complaining because we have had nice warm days. BUT come on it is only first few days into August and it autumn kind of fresh crisp air ( read I don't want to admit it but I have put on heating in the house during the nights...)
This illustration from my sketchbook is inspired of what summer is for me and also from one of Mila's favorite book and film character Stella. I colored the sketch while I was in Moscow with my Russian made aquarell set and the colors are very intense and strong base colors and it will take some getting use to but gives a good deep layer. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Moscow stable life

"Mamma you and me we are horse girls" 
Mila is playing with plastic horses, soft toy horses, barbie horses, riding on her stick horses or running around being a horse most of the time. While we are here in Khimki, Moscow we have a stable 10 min walk from us. The stable is cute and the lady who runs it nice but not really the same standard as I am use. It is fun to have chance to let Mila ride the little pony Marta and to hang in a well known environment but still so different. For example look at the tiniest stable aisle how the manage to get big horses in and out is for me a mystery.  

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Back in Gorky Park

We drove down town Moscow today ( no traffic so it only took us 20 min... Amazing) Parked in our old neighborhood at Shabolovka and walk to Gorky Park. Gorky Park is my favorite place in Moscow. A park full of life and always somethig cool going on. A modern and artistic park with great food places, Garage Contemporary art museum, play ground and view over Moscow River. Today it was boiling hot sunny weather and we had a great time. It was fun to see Garage museum new building impressive and funky. The Urs Fischer clay YES project outside was super cool. 200 ton clay used for the project. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Back in Moscow

We are back in Moscow and will be here for a few weeks. Great to be full team all together and to hang in our second home for the last time before we move from here. It feels like home vacation, home but at the same time far away. Crazy how much stuff we have with having furniture's and equipment for two homes and now we will soon have to store everything from here in Lundsätter.

 The flight over went well but it is certainly no walk in the park travelling by myself with 1 year old and 3,5 year even it only takes 2 hours ( thank God!) I have a lot of experience travelling with and without children and here is my best advice:
  1. Plan your hand luggage well with snacks, toys and more snacks
  2. Trunki bag is the best invention ever (expensive hard plastic bag for kids with wheels that the kids can ride on) I don't know what I would do without Trunki with a tired 3,5 year old and hundred kilometers to passport control. With Trunki she can just hop on and ride and me easily pull and have Filip strapped in Baby Björn ( very unhappy as he would love to walk and in a zigzagging way dictate where we should go) 
  3. Go to the toilet before entering the airplane and force (or bribe) the kids to do the same 
  4. Breath, have fun and drink water ( but not too much water so you need toilet...) 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Lundsätter garden 2016 so far

Garden status 2016
In my new garden beds three different types of sallad is growing and we are eating from it every day. Peas are coming along and radish also. The potatoes are close to blooming so when we get back from our Moscow trip we will try it out. Tomatoes of course. Doing good progess so far. I Think I found great sunny spot for them so lets hope we will get some nice once.

Strawberries yes. My dad and Filip loves these colorful wind turning things and great seems to keep birds away. BUT still strawberries are going missing. Not stolen by birds but Three very cute strawberry loving dogs... I even have picture evidence..

We are heading to Moscow tomorrow and staying for a couple of weeks. Very excited to be full team together and to enjoy Moscow summer we have only seen all the cold,wet, snowy winter months two year now so we are very much ready to see the prettier side of this big city.

Sketchbook journal one muddy day

I never managed to finish this illustration... It was a very rainy day. But I mean rainy like no joke rainy day. My dad had rented a digger for a project in the garden. Rain and digging machine in the garden = MUDD. 3 dogs and 2 kids = too many muddy dogs and kids. At what age does mudd start to become a pain in the ass and not a lot of muddy fun? For kids I mean I guess for dogs it is a lifelong passion. However one by one I had to lift them in straight to the shower removing mudd and sand. But of course it was boring waiting outside so the whole muddy gang ended up inside on a 3,5 year olds initiative. GREAT more mudd to clean up in every little corner of the house.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

What I wanted and how it turned out

I am starting a completely new chapter of my work life this autumn. A couple of weeks ago I signed a contract to start working as a teacher teaching Business, management and economics at a high school. Very exciting. I have been thinking that a teaching job would be fun and this is a chance for me to really try if this is a job for me before I add pedagogic to my MBA. This job kind of came to me and I grabbed the opportunity and are very much looking forward to start this new chapter in my life. Here is a reflection of my childhood dreams of jobs and how it corresponds with what I have done so far..

My childhood dreams about job and carrier path
Riding instructor - I have spent many of my childhood days making lists of horses and riders and teaching them how to ride. But I mean MANY hours. Running around pretending to be a horse, pretending that I am riding a horse and screaming to pretend students what to do with their horses.
School teacher
- I guess is was inspired by my great teacher in primary school but also as my mother is a teacher I used to pretend to be a school teacher a lot. Teaching my teddy bears how to read and write dreaming of my own black-board and making little red marks in their books
Radio host - I don't know at what age I got my own first recorder but I still remember how much I loved it or actually I think I still love it. I loved recording my own radio shows talking and singing. I also involved my best friend and together we made a lot of interesting shows. Later I also advanced and got a very cool big recorder with double microphones.
Working in an office - I used to sit in my mothers office room writing and stamping things. Calculating and using the fax machine. I still remember the smell of the stamp and the sound of the fax.

I also made a lot of books writing and illustrating but I guess I didn't understand that that could actually be a job so I guess that doesn't count.

What I thought I would become as a teenagerNot an easy question to reply I don't remember having a clear idea of what I wanted to do ( and I still don't really...) I think I was thinking of journalism & psychology. I loved school maybe mainly the routines and subjects such as Swedish, religion, psychology, drawing & illustrating. I loved to follow schedule and the variations of things. I hated mathematics, Chemistry & Physics. I was not an A student and never really had that ambition. I was perfectly happy having grades good enough in the middle. I also had 1 sometimes 2,3 of my own horses training and competing since the age of 8 which of course took a lot of my time so I had split focus growing up between school-work and my sport. I did have strict orders from my parents to keep my grades on the upper level otherwise my horses would be sold. And some how I did manage without too much effort to manage school, stable and fun.
Finishing high school I had no clear picture of what I wanted to do more a very lost feeling and I don't even think I was particular happy that the school was over and that I from that day had to make my own decisions.

My early work experience
My first job ( a part from garden and lawn mowing work home) was at a 4H camp where kids could come and hang out with animals I was 14-15 years old I think.

When I was 17 years old I started working in the local cinema. I was responsible for selling tickets, popcorn, sweets and summing up & doing the financial report after each job day. I worked every second week including weekends after school and stable and yes it was pretty challenging. One summer I even cleaned the cinema after the last movie, it was pretty creepy being by myself nighttime in the dark cinema. AND my god how much popcorn you find on the floor and chewing gums. Even today (not that I go to cinema very often...) I always look for the popcorn amount on the floor and cursing people to myself who leaves trash when they leave.. That same summer I also started working in our local super market Konsum. Me and my best friend worked most shifts together we had fun and was saving money to go on a inter-rail trip around Europe in the end of the summer.

I moved to Holland when I was 19 to a show-jumping competing yard belonging to Dutch Olympic winner Barcelona -92, Jan Tops. To get a job at Stal Tops a big deal for a horse girl like me. A professional stable is something different then stables I was used to back home in Sweden. More hierarchy, impressive and different caliber of horses and hard work from early morning to late evening 7 days a week. As a new groom I was at the bottom of the hierarchy to put it mild it was hell and the nastiness is nothing I had ever experiences before nor after. I wanted to go home after only a week but somehow it changed for better and I got great horses to ride, got picked to go with Swedish Olympic rider Rolf-Göran Bengtsson and 6 horses to sunshine tour in Spain to groom and ride. When I got back I got offered the job as stable manager with responsibility of the veterinary clinic and the dealing barn with around 25-30 horses and 10 staff. Big responsibility for a 20 year old indeed. I could write a book of my experiences personally, professionally and from the insight from the top sport from my time in Holland and on the highest level of European show jumping circuit.

After Holland I moved to the country-side outside Manchester in England working in a tack-shop ( a shop that sells everything you need for horses) and also working in a show-jumping yard riding and competing young horses and teaching students. Managing still to travel a lot to horse shows around England and rest of Europe. It was great combination of work and I loved the customer contact, the students, the new knowledge of horse and animal feed and supplements but especially that I really got to learn to understand and to speak English English pretty ok. Farmers with thick variations of Manchester/Stockport accents and British sense of humor was a challenge at first I can tell you but the best teachers I have ever had.

After these years I was ready to head back to school and University.

I started studying Medie Technology in Södertörn College ( In Stockholm) but then moved to Örebro University where I took my Master in Business & Administration (MBA) with focus on organization and management 2010

More work experience

One summer I had the chance to have the best summer job one can have. I flew to Boston USA and worked at a girl's summer camp in state of Maine. I worked with teaching the girls to horse back ride on different levels but also to ride the camp owners private horses. Great american summer I gained so many fun experiences and friends at Camp Fernwood.

While I was studying at University I worked every third weekend with people with mental disorders. Not in a hospital they lived and had treatment at a farm under strict restrictions and regulations with animals as part of their therapy. A new field for me and I was worried if this was a job for me but it turned out that I liked it and learned a lot from these years.

During my last year of studying I got a chance to do my master thesis for Swedish industrial company Atlas Copco and that was my way in to the company. After finishing my MBA I got offered a job in the quality department making processes in the internal management system. Quit a change from working with horses now in the business of big yellow mining machines. Within Atlas Copco I have worked at the production unit in Örebro for the division of Mining and rock excavation. I worked in quality department, logistics and as a regional business support in the marketing team before moving to customer center of East Europe based in Czech republic Prague. In Prague office I worked as project coordinator for a fleet management and spare part potential project and quality management support.

Creative explosion 
When Mila came along and I went on maternity leave I all of a sudden had so much time especially in the beginning sitting in the sofa breast feeding and when small babies are not eating they are sleeping so first couple of months I spent hours and hours drawing, reading and watching TV shows. As Mila grew older I got more and more inspirations from her and parenthood for my illustrations and to write my blog. I had a great gang of international friends with kids in the same age that I was hanging a lot with and having play dates with which also inspired me in my creative development leap. And the beauty of Prague of course. I do think my illustrations developed a lot during this period and I really enjoyed having all this time to focus on my creative side. I also got inspired and started to sew. At first I was really hopeless but practice makes perfect. Made hats, dresses, shirts etc and got better and better. I bought cool eco fabrics and made functional stuff which I was missing on the market. I managed with help to put together my webpage where I can show my work and what I do. I made illustrations for an international magazine in Prague,The Bridge, and also for a Swedish web-magazine as well as getting orders of family portraits. I also started to produced more hats and bibs and was selling them in an international bookstore in Prague. I have continue illustrating and sewing as much as I can but with two kids and house the time which I had in Prague is not the same. When we moved to Moscow I was planning to focus more on my business but it was hard as we had hard to adjust to this huge city and I lost a little bit of the pace for a while.

Well what to say. That I like variation in my work life. Life is to short to do only one thing. Is it my generation that we are not marathon runners when it comes to one profession or maybe it is just me. I like so many things and like to try things and to master things pretty ok before heading towards next challenge. I guess you can call me restless. That I have been able to work and live in so many different countries and cultures ( The Netherlands, UK, USA, Czech Republic & Russia) has made the world smaller and my horizons wider. Just the thought of settling down in one place is scaring me but at the same time more then ever tempting now with kids.

I have not climbed a carrier ladder, broken any glass ceilings, earned a lot of money or been very successful in one field. But what is success I keep asking myself. I am not a very material driven person so lots of money wouldn't really make me happier. I am grateful that I have done things which has really meant something to me, seen and tasted places and experiences from many different fields. So I guess that is what I will keep doing. Do things which makes me feel good and that gives me satisfaction.

I feel happy that I have had time to be home with the kids longer then today's norm and that I during that time could develop my creative small business and that it has given me a push that this is really something I want to do more with in the future. The combination of teaching, illustrating, sewing and spending as much time with the kids as I can I think will be a great recipe to try for the autumn. And dreaming that one day I will make that children's book I am dreaming about and to produce and sell more funky eco friendly cloths for kids.

So To wrap my job thoughts up, from my childhood dream jobs I have so far done all of it now when I am heading into the school world. Only one remaining and that is radio host... So when I get bored of being a teacher watch the space I need to get my own radio show organized. Well today that is not that crazy actually with all the podcasts around.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Giraff from my sketchbook

I have been good continuing same speed drawing small illustrations in my sketchbook journal, but I am crap in taking photos of them and getting them here in the blog. Bad internet connection and life is just simply getting in my way which is totally ok.
Here is any way an illustration of a giraffe from Kålmården ( although according to my mother it looks like a moose..) Mila was asking to see the giraffes as soon as we entered the park and didn't stop asking every two minutes before we finally found them. At the same time my sister was telling us about twenty times that when she was younger and visited the park she pet the giraffes.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


On Monday me, kids, my sister and her boyfriend headed to Kålmården. Kålmården is a wildlife park covering 1,5 square km and home to over 600 animals from all over the world. The park has something for the whole family dolphin show, carousel and theater in Bamse world, cable car safari and much more. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Scandinavia. Thats why we decided to go now before the big summer holiday weeks start and t will be to crowded. The entrance fee is pretty steep but to be fair we spend 6 hours and didn't manage to see everything. It is a well put together park and worth a visit.

We decided the evening before to bring pack lunch. I mean we are anyways spending lots of money on tickets so no way are they this time  overcharging me for food also ( adults points to me...). Taco pie and sallad and cinnamon buns and home made chocolate balls. My sister was worried that it might not be allowed to bring picnic and as she is a very much of a following rules kind of person it was fun to make jokes about how they will have special forces controlling no picnic. We made a lot of these kind of jokes.

We started the day with visiting and saying hi normal not very exotic farm animals such as sheep and goats. And summing up the day in the end Mila put this as one on her top experiences of the day. Filip also enjoyed trying to walk into the goats and pulling their long ears.

In Bamse world we saw a theater,  did a couple of carousel rides and Mila was brave enough to hug Bamse after Jacob hugged him and also threatening Bamse that he better be nice to Mila. The sun came out and all dark clouds just disapear which would have been great news if it wasn't for the fact that I decided to change shorts for long dark pants and rain jacket and left sun screen in the car.

I was already thinking about our delicious picnic pie after half an hour in the park. I did get reminded of it as the red union in my back-pack was smelling strong every movement I did.

Such great mood on all of us upon till a point when Filip got too tired but of course didn't want to miss the fun. As happy he is as unhappy he can become when too tired. Over all we had fantastic day all of us.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Falling out with a wardrobe

We had this big wardrobe for all our cloths... This wardrobe pissed me off for the last time last week. Me and my dad tried to fix the problem with the doors once and for all. We spent 40 min trying to figure out the issue and then we lost it. Looked at each other and unison said "let's get rid of it!!" With screwdriver, crowbar and hard work we dismantled and carried the wardrobe out in pieces. Yes it felt good until I realized what a mess we had created. Cloths EVERYWHERE and nowhere to place them now... So we started next project to make shelves in the sauna which is a small room with a lot of cloths more then a sauna.. Squeeze in closet and It is as pretty as it sounds.. At the same time I also started project to build shelves in the kids corner down stairs and to reorganize the small room where the wardrobe got pulled out from. Can you imagine the mess... I was cursing myself why do I always start big moving around projects like this and how the hell will I manage to get things back in order.. Luckily the kids cooperated pretty well and let me work to get the chaos under control. I will not show chaos picture as it only makes me feel stressed again I think better to show part of the result. My sewing room does now also serve as a guestroom with nice bed I will show that side of the room when I have managed to get shelves and bedside table in place. Kids corner is easier to organize with the new shelves which I decorated with a nice wallpaper and painted the edges white I am happy with the result. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

From my sketchbook an early morning water war

I continue my sketchbook journal with an illustration from yesterday morning. I was in the bathroom getting ready to head in to town when the war out on our patio kicked off. My dad had just woken up came over to say good morning and I handed him Filip to look after while I got ready. They were sitting together when Mila came and attacked them with her water gun. To attack granddad and little brother before granddad even had had his breakfast is not a good idea.... He took the water gun from Mila and sprayed her back. AND the war had broken out.. I have never seen Mila so angry.. She came in and screamed "I am gonna hit granddad!!!" "Mamma give the fly flapper I gonna hit granddad with it!!" She was so angry and I know very irritating with a mother who laughs in these situations but it was all just sounding too funny.  After a few minutes all sides calmed down and Mila apologized and granddad apologized and the peace agreement got signed with a hug.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New sketchbook

I have bought a new sketch book. I love buying pens, pencils, papers and sketchbooks. This sketchbook is going to be my new illustration journal where the plan is to draw thoughts, adventures or everyday happenings here and there. I would love to say and to commit to do an illustration a day but that is just not realistic with everything else that needs to get done in life with two kids, two dogs, house and garden.. 

My first drawing is from what I do at the moment all day from morning to evening at least if I want to keep Filip happy... Filip is 1 year and is practicing to walk and need me as support. Great for my back and already bad posture... NOT... Mila is riding around the garden on her horse "Hello Kitty" we have buildt a jumping course and I am appointed judge.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Zita & Bozze the introduction

Zita and Bozze the dogs in the Team
 Born 22 January 2016
The exotic breed Puder Puff = Chinese crested dog but with fur.
My dad was talking about getting a dog as company. I did some research to make sure he picked a good dog. Found a kennel and sent my dad and uncle to take a look mid March and they came home with TWO. What we are gonna do with TWO dogs and how we are gonna cope with TWO dogs was the initial question. But in matter of fact as time is passing I realize that two is easier then one (apart from the obvious fact that two cost more then one in running cost) They are very happy having each other. They play, chill, hang out and are great together.
Zita is the black and white dog. She is the cocky one of them always on alert. She is busy keeping track of what is going on and making sure things is in order. She is Mila's favorite as she likes to participate in most of Mila's games. Zita as from day one loved our cat Levis and are trying very hard to make Levis to love her back. They are cute together and Levis bless him he is such good cat having no problem with two puppies enetring his life,
Bozze is Mr soft guy. Very cuddly and much more layed-back. He is bigger then Zita but also a big chicken runs and hide even from my mothers wild but younger puppy. Although he is not chicken when it comes to bringing in the cats hunting trophies half a rat, mouse and two squirrels. Bozze learned fast that it is great to stay close to Filip during meals. Not only does he get all food Filip drops on the floor Filip also loves to share food with Bozze leaning down and handing him things. The more I say no the better they seem to think so nowadays Bozze and Zita is sent out to wait while Filip eats. I think it is the love for food and to be mr nice guy Bozze has already learn to sit and wait and wait for commando before he is allowed to eat.

They are great dogs. Better then I expected I have to say. Very faithful friends. I can let them out in the garden and they are not even considering leaving. Keeping great track where I am but also totally fine being with my dad or whoever is home. Sweet with the kids. Not biting like most puppies. Easy to teach things. Couldn't ask for better dogs really.